The Candidates for New Jersey's 24th District Assembly

Kate Christie Matteson for Assembly
Candidate Statement

I am excited to bring Democratic representation to our district. As your candidate, I will work to implement policies that serve the people, not special interests. Policy must be focused on supporting the middle class with the resources we need to thrive. Fixing New Jersey’s economic struggles should not fall on the shoulders of the middle and working class alone. The endless tax increases and cuts in public services must stop. Government should be accountable for making sure that the very wealthy provide their fair share to the economy in order to reduce our district’s tax burdens.

With Democratic leadership, Trenton will finally give the 24th district the recognition we deserve, resulting in prosperity and growth throughout the region. Together, Gina Trish and I will ensure Northwest New Jersey reverses years of Republican misrule. We will represent your independent voices. With your support, our district will once again become a sought after location to live and work.

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Gina Danesi Trish for Assembly
Candidate Statement

As a longtime resident of this District, I look forward to representing the values and aspirations of the people of Sussex, Warren and Morris Counties as we enter a new era of pride and satisfaction. Engaging all free-thinking members of our community to be present and active participants in our Democracy will be key to finally getting the representation in Trenton that we deserve.

As your Assemblywoman, I will advocate aggressively for updated infrastructure to improve our quality of life and stimulate our local economies. I will fight for the highest rate education that incorporates the best technology in the classroom, and puts an end to the under funding that has been endemic over the past 8 years of failed Republican policy. Finally, I will push for property tax relief to encourage small businesses and families to come to our District and stay. It is time to reverse the stagnation and bring new businesses and families to our region. Kate Matteson and I will be your independent voice to represent all of the people of the 24th District. We can’t wait to serve you. Now let’s get to work!

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Working for you to…

  • Pursue a fiscal agenda to lower property taxes

  • Focus on strong public education with fair school funding based on each town’s needs

  • Advocate for infrastructure including revitalization of our area’s top “main street” attractions

  • Protect the rural and historical nature of our District while reestablishing it as a prime New Jersey destination for raising a family and having successful businesses

  • Champion legislation that protects and preserves the environment

  • We will grow our middle class by supporting local economies from the ground up

  • By supporting Gina and Kate, voters will have the chance to reverse the current stagnation of our region and enter a new era of pride and satisfaction for our District